Sorma returns to corporate autonomy.

Sorma was founded in 1980 as a consulting company with the aim of combining two core concepts: organization and software with the scope of building a unique corporate project. With this objective, Sorma developed Sigip, a highly organizational ERP system capable of guaranteeing a true competitive advantage to its clients by helping the company to improve both management processes and organization by simultaneously supporting operations management as well as strategic decision-making. The project is renowned for the significant results achieved by satisfied customers in the world market.

In 2003, Sorma merged with Esa Software and became the division to focus on large company enterprises. Esa continued to invest in developing applications and new technologies, and their methodologies concerning project management were improved. Meanwhile the product evolved and became known as Si5. In 2008, the “Gruppo Sole 24 Ore” acquired Esa Software. Staying true to its own strategic plan, The Gruppo Sole 24 Ore has recently created the “Software solution” branch with the aim of developing a hub of IT companies addressing the various needs and requirements of companies ranging from professionals to public administration. The integration of Esa Software, with its different branches, represents the more significant takeover of this initiative.

The process of developing this project went through the analysis of the peculiarities of each market aspect, and it led Gruppo Sole 24 Ore to the decision to organize business for large company enterprises through a specialized company, which has the competence and the suitable methodologies that can be entirely focused on the specific needs of this important target. In this way, a new society was founded in 2010, which picks up where it left off with the same product and competences of Esa Software branch for large companies with its original name of Sorma. Thus among the shareholders of the company, Il Gruppo Sole 24 ore, through Esa Software and the direct holding of both the current management and group of consultants, Sorma represents today the continuation of its own history dedicated to software systems for large company enterprises and enhancing its potential as a component of a general industrial product as a subsidiary of Il Gruppo Sole 24 Ore.