The mission of Sorma is to realize informative system projects for national or international companies by using its Si5 ERP.

Sorma’s major asset is the strong commitment to find solutions to customers’ real problems, by putting into effect a solution of high standard, enforced with the greatest attention to give contribution towards organization. How? Through efficiency, and respect of the pecularities of each business environment.

Sorma is also defined by the application of an operative methodology ensuring interventions on real corporate problems, by adapting to the customer, though maintaining the integrity and consistency of the product.

The great specialization of subsystems in charge of managing production and material logistics enables to respond with extreme efficiency to the particularly sophisticated problems present within the multi-tier and multi-plant companies in which it is often required an integrated management of all flows (both material and procedural) among the different plants. Integrated modules are available for the management of telematic flows with customers and suppliers based on the more widely used EDI protocols but also with WEB technology (suppliers and customers). The ERP Sorma solution is present in 22 countries around the world and adapts to the fiscal aspect of each country. Available in 11 languages, Si5 is also available for the chinese market, using chinese ideograms. Great attention has also been dedicated to the administrative subsystem with specific features for the management of proprietary accountability according to emerging standards. Si5 is used not only by large companies but also by small local areas which need a sophisticated tool for managing production in the automotive sectors, aeronautics, machine parts, electronic components, pharmaceutical, medical, and household appliances with production by means of batches and orders.