Sorma has always followed its customers in the internationalization process through projects adapting to the needs of all companies in which Si5 is operational.

Sorma guideline is about the realization of projects for its own customers operating in multinational contexts, by maintaining the control and the corporate central administration of the home country.
The peculiarity of foreign locations with Si5 consists indeed in their realization as parametric elements of a unique central plan and not just as a version of the application for each country.

In order to guarantee these objectives :

  • Uniqueness of database to guarantee integration and integrity of information both operative and control;
  • Ability of exchanging operative and informative flows in a completely integrated and automatic- way among the different countries. In particular concerning material management both in terms of planning and stock management
  • Possibility to access to branch data, often in countries where delocalization reaches its highest, in its own language not only for charts but also for file contents;
  • Replicability of information structures in countries with uniform fiscal procedures (for example in range of EU)
  • Possibility to use at the same time different accounting principles and accounting standards income or anglosaxon proprietary over the same application environment.

Si5 is present in 23 countries , even including locations complete with fical obligations in 11 countries.Sorma operates abroad with its own consultants and leans on the collaboration of partner companies in Spain and Brazil.

Si5 is available in 13 languages, including chinese ideograms. The translation system allows to manage the required languages during the same installation, by translating constant values on the screen and in print of all personal and parametric data.
By using these features, it is possible to access at the same time to display form in different languages, on the bases of users’ choice. Thus, it’s possible to set up meetings or local and remote-conferences, among staff speaking different languages, by allowing everyone to look at the same information in their own language. Fiscal locations and management control are supported by a complete multilingual management which allows the comprehension of the whole information coming from the related foreign companies.


Sorma work abroad with their specialists and the collaboration of partner companies in Spain and Brazil.