The module”Management and Finance”of the ERP Si5 seeks modern and complete corporate management, other than fulfilment of all tax obligations, with the ability to integrate foreign locations.
Organized with a modular structure based on a complexe articulated set-up system, able to adapt to different corporate backgrounds, by providing a reference to optimize organizational flows.
The functions of Si5 respond to needs of analysis and control of corporate data, through both balance simulation and reclassification, advanced management of treasury with the integration of remote banking systems, fiscal and management analyses of fixed assets and a complete management of analytic accounting.
The system automatically integrates and gathers information from all corporate areas, by enabling to share information concerning receipts and costs, all financial elements and details of analytic accounting.

The punctual and constant monitoring of receipts and costs enables,other than control of their gap, to act promptly and efficiently against variances, by supplying a valid tool for corporate control and management.
An actual control panel giving the following advantages :

  • Complete integration and access to data of all subsystems : drill down from balance to stock handling
  • Integration of fiscal information with management and analytic ones for single corporation or groups
  • Automation of managerial information among the different units of a same group (also multinational and in multi currency regime)
  • Management of accounting models of both income and property and data integration with a group
  • Control of financial situation through the analysis of flows sharing information of all corporate areas
  • A better management and control of client-credit by monitoring communications and requests
  • Integration with the analysis of Treasury

Fiscal modules contain features which are required to fulfill law obligations and where foreign peculiarities manifest themselves. The most significant are :
Compilation of balance sheet

Administrative management has at its disposal all the tools to produce, manage and control elements of the balance sheet. They’re flexible accounting tools to support the compilation of notes to the accounts, integrated to reclassification functions.
Reclassification in balance sheet

The reclassification module is based on a table structure to define complete balance sheets or analyse specific sections per index. Reclassification tools are available, through appropriate tables, to generate different parametric printing. Reclassification functions can operate on fiscal data and/or management data, according to your own choice.

Functions of customs declarations are obtained automatically through appropriate parametrizations from data concerning stock handlings related to purchases and sales.
Third party’s fees

To fulfil law obligations, the system manages deposits of tax deductions and treatments of information related to Inps, Inal and Enasarco by providing the related certifications. Moreover, it processes the annual withholding declaration and provides the shipment file.

Cost Centre accounting

Analytical accounting is completely integrated in Si5, particularly with the administrative area of which it is an application extension version. It’s required for classification and the following analysis of information.

Information about analytical accounting are at the beginning conceived as detail of administration information and management as well. They are organized as following :

  • Analytical accounting for CDC,
  • Analytical purpose accounting multi CAM

Analytical accounting per CDC (Cost center accounting) responds to the traditional objectives of analysis concerning the destination of the elements of balance according to both organization and responsability model. It also represent an important tool to fix the hourly rate of productive CDC. This characteristics make it particulary significant for proprierty accouting model in order to fix standard costs.

Cost purpose accounting enables to plan an additional read of all administration events. Objects of the multidimensional record are associated with the master files of the main managerial entities : Identification, Clients, Suppliers.Analytical accounting per axe gathers them all together in a structs defining them and enabling to associate them with a dimension (called axed) of the record. For each trasaction, axes are supplied according to rules of parametrical general ledgers or through cost drivers.

Management accounting analysis

In its administrative module,Si5 deals with 2 types of accounting entries :

  • Fiscal accounting, which correspond to all entries in account books defining final result,
  • Multi-level management accounting, dealing with 10 types of balances both alternative and concurrent, supplied with accounting reasons codes.

This configuration is supported by a series of management features for automatic generation of assessments and accruals and it enables to fulfil both management processing and management request of international groups whose accounting principles aren’t the same as the Italian ones. It’s obtained by entering all management operations or by integrating civil ones, by tracing variances.