Nowadays corporates have many and frequent  needs, which have lead them to develop a corporate portal, that is helpful to :

  • communicate with the external world in terms of data acquisition and publication
  • encourage exchange of information between employees and collaborators within the company

These two macro functions actually reveal more structured objectives, such as:

  • reducing  time and costs of social interaction with customers and suppliers, allowing them to carry out simple tasks independently, like sending job specifications, inserting purchase orders or sending a warning
  • reducing  time of communication among employees by improving internal reporting systems for certain information and optimizing access to files by avoiding emails or shared folders
  • creating a system where information are managed in a collaborative and centralized way in order to avoid  dispersion of data and company’s know -how
  • reducing costs for external tools for managing and publishing resources

The concept of corporate portal also coincides with the will of providing a single point of access for a variety of features to the user.
Thus, these features are differentiated depending on whether the user is internal or external to the company and according to his role or area of business competence.

In this way, different data “views” and management types are created by using  modules which are very different from each other, but maintaining data centralized and unique in order to avoid redundancy, duplication and to reduce information spread times, which needs to be shared in real time.

Based on these considerations, SORMA offers to its customers a corporate portal solution, called  Sorma Portal, which not only meets perfectly the characteristics described above, but also integrates management data and  master files from the  ERP Si5 automatically.

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