Si5 is SORMA ERP solution currently present in more than 25 countries all round the world, by supporting the development of Made in Italy with more than 40.000 users.

Si5 improves corporate performances, thanks to Management, Control and Planning of all corporate processes, by seeking absolute efficiency and automation in responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market.

The targets

  • Strategic planning

    The information system is an increasingly strategic component of corporate business and must for this reason be able to adapt to its requirements.

  • A single software to manage everything

    Through Si5 you deal with all businesses and the functional area of your company.

  • Elaborated and multinational projects in a single solution

    Si5 is present all round the world and enables centralized multi-plant data.

  • Cost Optimization

    Supplying management in Si5 intends to support the firm in dealing with external resources acquisition, by getting better results not only in terms of prices but also in terms of quality and supplying service.

  • Quick and economical starts up

    Si5 is a parametric and flexible software, available in targeted configurations which are quicker and more economical.

  • Return on investments

    Si5 simplifies interrelations among all corporate functions, by guaranteeing a more fluent circulation of information to advantage a major and quicker return on investments.

Major assets

  • A unique system translated in 14 languages
  • It can adapt to any business environment, in any country all around the world
  • Security for every single menu item, transaction, map
  • Simultaneous task management interrogating information through drill down of details
  • Capillar management of birth cycle of the product during the different stages and sections such as Technical office, purchases, quality etc.
  • Possibility to create models of corporate groups with respective fiscal entities
  • Multi-plant management and management centralization
  • Multi-company management to deal automatically with the accounting flows among the different fiscal entities


More than 25 years of successful projects, coordinated teams working together to transmit to our mangerial system current and contextualized rules and models.

  • Auto components
  • Helicopters
  • Furniture Industry
  • Electrucal appliances Industry
  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospatial Industry
  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Traxcavator

  • Farmaceutics
  • Biomedical
  • Shipyards
  • Paper factory
  • Elettronics
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Printing industries
  • Keys and Fail Safe Locks