A CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) helps managing customer master files and having a concrete support to commercial operations.

This is not only an “electronic diary” in which the last visit made to a customer or the next to make, notes and attachments, contact details and company’s internal references (which are still very helpful) are written down.

The basic advantage of a CRM software is to interpret these features:

  • collaboratively: trade data are property of the company and it is important to store them in a centralized database and manage them collaboratively among different operators, so when the reference one is absent, the others are familiar with the current initiatives with a particular customer and can carry them out independently.
  • from a “web oriented” view: CRM must be accessed by all operators within the company and while visiting a customer, without the need for data synchronization, that are not in real time.
  • analytically : a CRM allows to manage the concept of Opportunity (which generally coincides with the offer or sale of a product and a service) and associate it with a source of origin (trade show, website, etc.) or the operator who has managed it, allowing the company to monitor the performance of certain marketing campaigns (precisely related to the participation to a trade show or the implementation of a website) or, if necessary, even the traders who use the application.


SORMA has decided to integrate Si5 with some open-source CRM solutions, that are generally free of licensing costs and constantly evolving.

Integration with Si5 enables to synchronize automatically customer master files and turnover data with CRM, so as to offer a complete and updated company report to the trader.