Treasury management provides the necessary tools for the definition and control of financial information for short-term management flexible, effective and efficient liquidity.

To allow for complete management and control of bank events the system has been developed with all the telematic interfaces provided by the current banking system. The reclassification structure allows to show the treasury data according to the scheme Bank / account type.

The aim of treasury is to enable the firm to manage cash flows in the most efficient way, to calculate its final balance and to forecast its evoution (Cash and Treasury Management).

    • obtains Treasury information directly from accounting one through:
      • Relation structure of deposit accounts
      • Financial reclassification of transaction codes
      • Additional handling of bank currency date
    • Integrates administrative treasury fonctions
      • Bank statement control and ticking off, both manual and automatic with acquisition from remote
      • Calculation of interests
      • Possibility to manage expenses control
      • Balance forecast per currency


      • Input of temporary flows
      • statements of accounts and simulation based on dedicated reclassifications
      • Cash pooling

guarantees efficiency in foreign currency through:

    • Monetary account management with currency obbligation
    • Discharge of monetary account to average assessment rate
    • Management of balances in currency and similar values
    • Differenze cambio conti di finanziamento a partite