Hitpoint Solution Co.

Hitpoint Solution Co. is a consultant company producing softwares. It’s a leader company in finding solutions for tax compliance in China. The exhaustive knowledge of local demands concerning tax compliance, the knowledge of clients’ operative needs working in the Chinese market, the requiered skill to operate in multinational contexts and the knowlodege of Si5 system have enabled Hitpoint to integrate at best the application option of Sorma for the Chinese market.

ERP Si5 integration with legal and fiscal products HPFS and GTS allows SORMA application to be used for all administrative activity in China. The collaboration allows Sorma to release Hitpoint products on Chinese territory thanks to Si5 integration. Hitpoint can release Si5 in China.

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Sorma is IBM Business Partner for System i family. Experience and competences of Sorma in IBM system technology have enabled to realize projects of international significance on AS/400 platform and iSeries for complex important clients. Today this Know How is on hand of those trying to find modern application solutions for IBM System-i.

IBM Business Partner: financing to ease purchase

IBM Global Financing offer reserved to Partners includes several financial planning instruments ans solution of location and payment which ease purchasing products, services and solutions for IBM e-business.
New services make acces and connection to finance softwares easer, help our clients orienting among the different existing offers, by showing the possible advantages instead of traditional purchase options.


ORTEMS is a leader supplier of APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) solutions and Supply Chain Management for industries.
Sorma releases Ortems products in Italy : Advanced Planning and fine Scheduling Softwares. With 18 years of experience, thousands of users in more than 40 countries, internation clients or small and medium-industries, Ortems could develop a range of industrial planning ans detailed scheduling solutions which is one of a kind.
Ortems integration with Si5 improved information system value-added, thanks to its advantages which come from optimization and dynamic syncronization of production flows.


MODALSOURCE develops software architectures for complex web applications, through open-source languages and open-source frameworks.

Sorma has made with Modalsource a very close collaboration that has allowed the creation of portal applications integrated with Si5, enabling companies to engage their customers and their suppliers in an active way, thus optimizing time and resources related to communication to and from the outside.