This unit deals with storing and handling of raw material, of components, semi-manufactured products and finished products, by guaranteeing both their availability and conservation on one hand, and on the other hand the updating of corresponding accounting situation. The main characteristics are :

  • multi-warehouse management
  • balance management for supplier or costumer
  • management of both dynamic and static location and FIFO management of balances in the different locations;
  • use of barcode to carry out movements even in radiofrequency;
  • exploitation of both LIFO and FIFO warehouse;
  • Traceability of products
  • Shipments management

To control the stage of shipment to clients, SIMAG involves different typologies of shipment according to both blanket and lot orders, for orders concerning Italy or foreign countries to clients or connected companies, with the possibility to plan the same through different methods in order to guarantee a prompt supply of packaging zones. In case of forwarding to clients in JIT or KAN BAN a specific procedure (supported by optic tools of label reading) has been set up to schedule “Shuttles” to send and link together the client with the right shuttle, by guiding the operator in both material picking up and matching to Shuttle.