Companies operating in the aviation and aerospace sectors have specific management needs which can’t be satisfied by all ERP solutions.

Sorma has been operating in this sector for more than 25 years, both by actions of simple organization and development of management systems for several clients.

Regardless of the dimensions and characteristics of the product, aviation industries have several common typologies of organization, management and information.

Questo è determinato dal fatto che tutte le aziende , siano esse prime contractor o subfornitori, sono inserite in un “network” di scambio di pezzi fisici e di informazioni che sono dettate da logiche e regole gestionali e di qualità  comuni per tutto il settore. In particolare:

In fact, all the companies, both prime contractor or subcontractor, are integrated in a network of exchange of materials and pieces of information, which are driven by standards and management/quality rules, common for the whole sector. In particular :

  • Traceability of the parts beginning with the raw material up to the finished product, through serial number or per batch.
  • Management, for some types of material (prepreg etc.) of expiration and shelf life, both in planning and warehouse movements.
  • Management of subcontract work receivable, which means using parts supplied by the client on products manufactured by subcontractors.
  • Management of the subcontract work payable, including intergrade subcontract work, subcontract work with consignment, subcontract work with parts supplied directly by the subcontractor.
  • Management of product configuration through the application of the concept of validity of the bond (date or gradually)
  • Management of the technical modifications and binding those ones to the specific bases and product cycles. Traceability of the modifications on the different products.
  • Necessity of easy management of technical modifications on existing shop orders.
  • Quality driven both by internal production and subcontracting.
  • Extended use of subcontracting.
  • Management and rigid accounting of labour.

For many other small realities Si5 represents the means by which they daily operate in a sector demanding a sophisticated management of production.

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