ERP solutions often represent for the company, in terms of functional coverage, only a starting platform on which then develop vertical solutions for the specific sector in which the company works.
But not always verticalizations reach the desired objectives because, at times, lack the skills of organizational and management issues that underlie the specific sector in which the company operates.
To meet the needs of companies that manufacture keys and locks, you must be able to manage some special features not found in other sectors.
Peculiarities of Si5 for the locks industry:
– Management of waste and dispersion coefficients (for example for turning in the case of the piston)
– Automatic management of the waste (in stock reloading in the face of production payment) and send to the drawing mill in subcontracting or sale with subsequent repurchase of bars or regenerated by treating brass also correctly the coefficients and what causal moisture loss
– Minimizing the impact of the set-up on the production lot with automatic management of the lot size to vary the set-up operations. – Calculation of volume (in general) and customer delivery dates (very important for businesses that serve retail chains)
– Configurator for a drastic reduction of BOM links even in the presence of many different configurations of the same product
– Surface treatments for subcontracted work (nickel plating, galvanizing rotor, etc …)
– Planning and management of individual item numbers but simplify purchasing with the management of codes that aggregate by type of treatment. This avoids creating for each of the real and codes for each of the specific list providers: the provider will bill simply kg of processed material by applying the agreed price for the type of treatment performed
– Management forecasts
– To contract management: essential in the management of customizations requested by customers
– Management of the “crazy”