Production and commercial departments have their contact point in the generation and management of Production Plans that enrich medium/short term planning and programming system. Production Plans can be generated in a manual or automatic manner as well as in different types.
According to the Production Plans and different types of management, the needs of materials are calculated by suggesting and planning internal and external orders. All different types of materials planning are managed from a multi-plant level, that is, in a single process run, all establishments of a company or all companies can be processed by generating intersectional requirements for the parts to be exchanged between plants or companies. This feature is essential especially in case of triangulation of materials among plants: in other words, an establishment orders some items to another plant providing other components. In case of separate establishment runs, the needs net of triangulated components requires a process of reiterative MRP calculation.

The Chart leveling function also helps to verify whether the production plan is compatible with the productive resources in a simple and intuitive way or to intervene by moving orders, changing production capacity, changing origins and whatever in order to make productive resources compatible with market demands.

In case a company produces a complex machine with high degree of customization, the system is able to provide the management of the single serial number  thanks to a bill of materials personalized with assembly phases scheduling by controlling materials and reservations at every stage. It also monitors the progress and calculates the costs for each phase by comparing the selling price and the final cost and reports the contribution margin.

To companies that operate “by contract”, SI5 offers some functional features which manage  work orders in:

  • Materials Planning with MRP
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Internal Order Management
  • Labor Use Management.


MRP 2 material planning

For internal production units, compatibility between needs and resources is guaranteed for finished products through a planning division in PREMRP and MRP, with the possibility of levelling the production. As for inferior level components in the bill of materials, this result can be obtained through the integration with Ortems, the scheduling system.