CheckOn Update


Reach your MES’ data more quickly


Our MES has been entirely revised: we have enriched the CheckOn client with new functionalities and have improve the existing ones. Some of the main improvements are:



We have enforced the paging standard functions with the purpose of optimizing response time even facing huge amount of data.

Now, you may manage data directly in the grid.

Aiming to help the user to reach more quickly the data he is looking for, we have added the possibility to utilize filters directly from the menu.



The standard reporting has been totally redesigned by using the DevExpress libraries, on which CheckOn is based. Indeed, these libraries permit various modalities of export.



It is also possible to update the client manually, if you need to manage the implementation of a new release in a controlled way. This is because we have recently provided CheckOn with a monitor where you can visualize the network of the clients set up, as well as their edition.



Furthermore, we have redrafted the time-spent calculation in order to improve the performance of such a crucial procedure.


Please contact us for further information.