These are procedures seeking to optmize warehouse activities both in terms of pick-up punctuality and in terms of workloading in warehouse-keeper.

Pick-up scheduling turns into :

  • pick-up lists
  • pick-up orders
  • shipping lists

very similar among them.

Pick-up lists are characterized by :

  • Pick-up warehouse. Any internal warehouse from which material is picked up to be shipped to both internal departments or external suppliers/clients,
  • Warehouse of destination. Generally it’s the shipping warehouse for material to send outside and warehouse of works in progress for material to work inside,
  • Destination. Consignee can be : clients, suppliers, internal departments, associated companies,
  • Consignee. It’s the client code of the supplier or internal dept. to which material should be sent.

Inputs to pick-up lists are :

  • clients orders
  • client orders plans
  • supplier orders for subcontract work
  • supplier orders plans of subcontract work
  • internal manufacturing orders
  • internal orders plans