The aim of asset modulo forms is to manage fixed asset life cycle, to calculate depreciation charges by obeying laws and by proving at the same time with a tool of Asset Lifecycle Management.

Treatment extent is the following:


Proprietary management modulo form integrate to Si5 procedure:

  • Asset data capture in bill entry from petty cash book,
  • asset information uploading in verifying purchase bills, through disclosing management data from orders,
  • direct entry for fixed assets.



  • Codification is organized in two levels and integrated through the registration number
  • increase management, sub assets, purchases which can be depreciated separately
  • analytic or synthetic printings, to produce a fiscal register
  • transaction lists
  • Calculation of capital gains and losses and writing off for assignments
  • Management of computerized transfer of class and unit.
  • share processing according to parametric standards to obey the different fiscal and civil rules
    • In simulations through processing :
      • contemporary multiples
      • long-term
    • In reality through periodicity

      • Annual
      • Monthly