Clients’ receipts

Processing receipts requires different modes according to operation needs. Si5 includes balance and clients processing. The system is able to manage receipts of different clients or different and several clients’ instalments in a single operation manifesting itself through a process of collection orders or of the different technical modes of both factor or invoice advance.

Bill Portfolio – electronic RI.BA

The module manages in a completely automatic way, bill issuances and produces the relating reports and printing, by managing at the same time bank receipts both paper and electronic,RID, consignments, drafts, foreign transactions, acceptances. Price lists are firstly temporary for control, modification or cancellation and then they are sent  by enabling to choose the currency in telematic flows.

The module enables to manage supplier payments through automatic bank transferts and cheques and relating paper documentation other than CBI files and collection of notes payable by generating documental support to process notices.

  • it enables to manage the following types of bill:
    • paper cash orders
    • digital receipts (in DKT or via remote)
    • drafts, accept drafts and assignments
    • RID
  • it elaborates national and international bills in euros and currency
  • it deals with temporary deposit slips
  • it carries out accounting entries, including maturity
  • two flows are available :
    • Mass Management for portfolio processing
    • Individual Management for bill of exchange with eventually :

      • summary issues,
      • multibill processing.
  • it enables to manage in a dynamic way acceptation phase