Apart from treasury information, financial analyses are available as well. They consider information which are present in all ERP subsystems.

  • registers information analysis according to the following dimensions:
    • Actual accounting data
    • Bill Portfolio
    • Managerial data extrapolations regarding clients’ -and suppliers’order.
    • Arbitrary input of simulated financial data
    • Forecasts from budget information
    • During simulation analysis with data mix from orders and from bbudget

These different inputs enable two different analyses:

The analysis of financial flows is developed in Si5 in two different levels:

  • forecasting, based on current information or assumptions, some budget is purely simulative;
  • final, with the ex-post analysis of financial data processed by the system and for the production of the analysis of cash flow and cash flow, through the reclassification of financial accounting operations.


Therefore, on the basis of accounting data the module is able to provide the parametric display of information on financial commitments and availability to customers, suppliers and the portfolio, divided by areas. This area is particularly significant contribution to the integration with other subsystems Si5 that ensures correct financial treatment of all operational events of the company, orders, delivery schedules, sales plans, etc., allowing you to determine the horizon display and the aggregation of data range.