The unit allows to manage different order typologies, material and component supplying, supplier data other than the related lists, by generating order statistics data and their performances.

As natural connection between logistics and accounting, the verification of  invoice payable carries out,  according to purchasing orders and related order price, income valorizations, the following input of invoice and automatic comparison with enhanced bills.

The unit arranges a file to give to general accounting to register invoices.

The system enables the control of invoices payable and the highlighting of error possible causes. For each invoice it’s also possible to manage correction responsibles to whom reports are sent. After verification with positive result, invoices are automatically registered in general accounting.

The control is made by putting the amount of the supplier invoice and waybill to which it is related. According to the connection between the waybill and the order, the system obtains the amount forecasted by the invoice and then compares it with the real value.