The web application called ” Sorma Portal ” is the perfect tool whenever the company has the need to interact with customers and suppliers or generally to communicate with the outside world.

Made entirely in Java technology on Liferay framework , the application has a complex architectural structure that has many advantages in technology , including:

  • Cloud ready
  • Can be installed on linux server
  • Multi Data-base
  • Equipped with a graphical full “responsive” ( Adaptable to all mobile devices : smartphones and tablets )
  • Synchronized with centralized user management systems ( Active Directory , LDAP , etc ) for access control.
  • Integrated with cluster architectures with traffic balancing systems for the management of accesses peaks.


Thanks to its high level of integration with Si5 , Sorma Portal may constitute a true enterprise portal , within which management data can be published in real time.


The portal provides differentiated access for roles and user groups , allowing each user access to specific sections and functionality of its task within the corporate organization.
Important is the concept of area, which typically coincides with the supplier / customer, in which all displayed data becomes specific, allowing the internal operator of the company to view them as a supplier / customer same.


The interface conforms to the technological guidelines of the latest generation and dynamically adapts to all types of devices .

Each user has their own dashboard with features in ” social ” style , in which can have a glance an idea of the latest activities performed on the system by users who have access to it , thanks to the activities of the board and system notifications .

It is also present an internal messaging system addressable to individual recipients or that can be used as a massive communication tool to report corporate events or service information .


Data sent to the portal can be inserted in the internal search engine , in order to present users with a ” Google style ” search interface, so that the keywords you enter are sought after , for example , not only in product names but also in their secondary attributes or the corresponding product families .


Documental functions

The system is equipped with an internal document system that allows to carry on the inserted documents:

“full-text” search therefore effective also on the texts contained within the known file types (office suites, PDF …)

– typing, categorization, insertion if tag and correlation links between documents

– secure storage of protected internal repositories from Java security

workflow system for the management and approval of documents

document versioning with highlight tool changes and roll-back to previous versions

Local file system Sync in fully cloud-style (similar to DropBox or Google Documents).


… but also company web site

Sorma portal is also equipped with a full CMS functionality (Content Management System), for the preparation of information sections also to become the corporate website of the company, safe, high performance and the ability to offer complete private areas, structured and integrated with Si5 for the publication of operational data of interest to the outside world.

The applications that we have developed can also be understood as divided into two main functional modes:

Sorma Customer Portal

It is the functional area for the commercial sector of the company, for the creation of offers and the insertion of orders.

Can access both internal trade, area managers and external agents, either directly customers, especially to carry out orders or spare parts of devices and device.

Thanks to its nature of real portal, it can evolve to E-commerce solution graphically optimized ottimizzata and with a real hight performance from the point of view of the search engines positioning.

Business portal

For a bettere and more efficient management of sales, the clients portal of Si5 enable to surf the system by using a simple Internet browser. It is also possible to display stock availability, booking parts, orders, availability, price lists other than potential offers or promotions.

Sorma Supplier Portal

A new powerful communicative instrument which enables the company a complete integration with the external world. Through an Internet browser every supplier will be able to access to his reserved information real-time updated providing required supplies for production flow. Data are clearly and intuitively highlighted, as simple is data gathering in a format which can be processed by the most commun systems of individual productivity.

Usefull for communication with suppliers for the pubblication of order programs, closed orders, to receive requests for supplies of containers and anything else.

Each supplier can be credited as a company and a supplier “reference user” can create additional business users, so that different users can access the supplier area without having to share the same account and the same credentials.