In the current competitive background the quality of services is mandatory to distinguish the different corporate supplied products. In Si5 the module “Sales” represents the perfect strategic component for a correct and efficient management of CRM. 
It’s completely integrated with the subsystems for production and logistics management, which it provides with the input data for planning and from which it receives the information concerning availability for shipments, and with the administrative and control subsystems for a complete exchange of accounting data. 
EDI from and towards clients and sales are managed in an integrated way , by enabling to manage problems concerning relationships with agents : commissions, bonus etc.
The service level, for any company of any production sector, measures the ability to satisfy clients’ expectations by turning into reliability, timeliness and flexibility in acquiring and managing orders when delivering.
The module “Sales” is completely integrated with Sorma client portal enabling to sales, agents and clients to communicate with the company and enter orders.

It gives the following advantages :

  • Improving decision-making process by adding information relating to businesses in progress;
  • Better performances for a better service level for clients;
  • Reducing delivery times and thus cutting costs of wares in shipment with cash flow advance;
  • Reducing external freight cost thanks to a better planning.
  • Optimization of information folow among different corporate areas;
  • Minimization of repetitive activities;
  • High modularity in achieving different components which enable to get good results in short time;
  • Reducing times of installation, start-up and training.