Make the difference in serving clients

In an increasingly competitive market, service level often becomes for clients the decisive element in choosing and mantaining the supplier.

Service Level doesn’t just mean product quality, btu also timeliness, regarding delivery times, reactivity to the changing demand. Clients increasingly affect the supplier, with their commercial policies and logistics guidelines (shorter prospective of visibility and contract, suppliying planification with sudden changes in volume and product mix…)

The company

is affected by material supplying times, delegates abroad some manufacturing, has to hold down product costs, must respect dates, volumes and quality which are demanded by clients regardless of interior and exterior unrest. As it’s not possible to affect suppliers for material supplying in a greater way, in order to maintain a high service level, it is necessary to affect interior processes :

  • Study promptly the feasibility of the production plan in terms of materials, machine loading and manpower, to to warn clients of any critical situation.
  • Maximize parcelling out criteria when possible
  • reduce to the minimum set up
  • Apply key performance indicators which allow to measure impact pre-emptively, in case variations in the production plan occured.
  • To have at disposal instruments to analyse ans simulate hypotheses about production in the medium and long-term in different production environments in order to study their feasibility and impact on the overall performance of the company.

Some companies have chosen ORTEMS to improve their performance and service level for clients.



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