Proprietary accounting mechanism is base on determining profit of operations when goods or services subject of the business are sold.

In order to do this, the system registers through appropriate accounting entries all stock handlings. In particular, purchase operations which aren’t register as a cost but instead as proprietary events while corporate cycle lasts, with their selling.


All operations can be registered at standard cost and for purchases, variations between current and standard can be determined.

Accounting entries enable absolute detailed surfing of stock handling.

Si5 is able to operate according to both the income of the accounting model, typical of the Italian national accounts, both according to the principles of the heritage, characteristic of Anglo-Saxon accounting logic. Full integration with the warehouse management subsystem allows the definition of the accounting rules for the interpretation of the stock movements that are treated according to the periodic inventory logic. In this way you can update at user selected intervals, the administrative information with physical events represented by stock movements. The system creates an information structure that allows you to dynamically navigate the data from the accounting, down to the individual stock movements

The Anglo-Saxon accounting model detects a standard cost operations and current and is used to determine each component of variances, both between the transactional value and standard, both standard and current.

The operation according to the equity principles allows to enhance the logic and functional integration of the entire ERP characteristics.