Si5 provides with the required procedures to define the compisition of a product which is realized by using standard and customizable components.

The module manages three different Configurators : ” Configurator for complex machines” which is able to customize Textile Machines, Machine Tools and complex production chains; “Configurator R” which enables to search the set up machine through the most suitable configuration for customizing different products of a specific family or model; and “basic configurator” applicable in productions which differ from each other for one  or more components.

Every corporate reality has specific needs and each organization and functional internal process has pecularities for which it’s not possibile to have recourse to ready-made solutions. Sorma approach in developping information systems comes from consulting experience and expertise built up in different realities and industrial sectors differing in goods typology and dimension. Sorma analyses clients’ needs and the impact on organization processes and achieves, together with the client himself, a plan sharing the same objectives. Sorma solutions, which are flexible,customizable and ease to integrate, make interrelation among all corporate functions easier, by enabling a more fluent information-flow to advantage a greater and quicker return on investments. The improvement of corporate performances is achieved through management, control and planning of all corporate processes, looking for the greatest efficiency and automation in responding to needs of an increasingly evolving market.