Purchase Order

Purchase orders are diveded into 2 categories :

  • lot orders
  • blanket orders

Even Purchase requests orders can be related to different supplying typologies :

  • full purchasing
  • subcontracting
  • contract work during intermediate stage of the cycle
  • performances and services
  • etc.

Order data or supplier can be obtained by two sources:

  • Purchasing requests
  • the file parts/suppliers

In case blanket orders, it is not possible to report quantities which will be communicated by using an order software always updated. Prices are not reported as well, but they will be obtained from supplier parts depending on the date of the scheduled delivery.
Contains all those pieces of information that aren’t peculiar only to a part or to the supplier but to both.

This file is used in different procedures, but in particular in purchasing to find the price, purchasing measure and to transform quantities from domestic measures to supplier.

Service Level

The system elaborates statistics on supplier service level based both on quality index and timeliness and reliability index in delivery dates. The procedure operates both with lot orders and blanket orders.

Different types of Orders managed in Si5

To guarantee flexibility and reactivity to our company, it is necessary to face every day an “hysterical” market where frequent demand variations, progressive lead time reduction and fractioning of the production process force us to react promptly over the whole supplying chain. Through Open Orders, it is possible to:

  • Reduce flows times
  • Update quickly the order program
  • guarantee a constant relationship between suppliers and clients

… Everything is made easily and in a intuitive way …

Applicability of open orders

Management conditions and methodologies are similar for all the different typologies and for supplier orders, both full purchase and manufacturing account orders can be managed.


Quantities and dates are the subject of an ORDER PROGRAM, which is constantly updated
( for exemple at every MRP processing)

Horizons of Open Orders

The essential element for open orders management is the “order program”.

Generally it’s divided into three horizons with variable extend according to the type of product and production typologies
Consignment Horizonorizzonti
depends on elaboration frequency

In this perspective it is generally spanned a month, marked by weeks and with details for every single day
Horizons of orders
depens on supplier engagements

In this horizon five or six months are spanned,monthly marked and with details for every week
Horizon of forecasts
depends on the corporate forecasting capacity

In this horizon five or six quarters are spanned, with details for every month

Quantities to consign are defined for each of the three horizons and with variable scanning.


Other features: