• For any change in manufacturing, it reports this change.
    • It’s possible to obtain uses of each register and hours spent for each one of them

When integrating entry of direct activities the following are expected :

    • Indirect activities
    • Inactivity
    • Extra-cycle (extra activities)
    • Matching notes
  • It’s particularly appropriate to manage closed orders


  • Without recording on notes but sharing working hours after production entries based on times required for transactions
  • particularly suitable for open orders

Data collection

to collect data “from field” badges and bar codes are used

      • Through magnetic badge the register is identified
        • Clocking-in for presences
        • Control on register and related badge, of register data, for different transactions


barcode data of operation documents (work orders, manufacturing notes etc.) are identified

    • Running transaction of workforce employment



Automatic with a click

  • In Si5 to acquire data, stock handlings and production a simple click is enoughautom
  • The application supports and integrates right from the start, with the latest technologies in radiofrequency and optical reading