L’Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), is the exchange of electronic data among different systems through VAN (Value Added Network).

Si5 not only integrates automatically data coming from electronic flows, but it’s also able to contain them from the start in its information and organization procedures in order to manage their internal answer.

The application is integrated from the start both for receivable cycle and payable cycle with EDI standard :
L’applicativo è integrato nativamente sia per la parte di ciclo attivo sia per la parte di ciclo passivo con gli standard EDI:

  • UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) international standards prevalent in North America
  • ODETTE standard which is used in Europe by automative

Moreover EDI manages “non standard” treatments, which are imposed by some manufacturers, such as:

  • Material Handling through logistics operator
  • synchronous Jit
  • Data concerning logistics per logistics operator
  • Tertialization (Interrogate system of data collection from field)
  • ETC…