… ready to be used and wrapped up with a ribbon…


… but every box is the result of a complex material planning …

Si5 enables to choose for each item among 7 different techniques of material planning by providing the company with control and management of :

  • flow/supply time
  • Consumo medio
  • safety stock
  • Reorder Batch


Delivery planning for short-term

This module enables to check how much feasible is short-term production planning only in regard to material availability.

The system operates following the same principles of MRP, but differs from it because in adjustments it only considers warehouse stocks and not internal and external purchase orders. Thus, it’s able to say the day of a stock break and the supplier who is expected to send the material, on the basis of daily needs consequent to production plans.


Techniques of material planning


  • MRP open orders
  • MRP closed orders
  • MRP job closed orders
  • Reorder point
  • Fixed stock
  • while stock lasts
  • Non managed-stock
  • Different techniques co-exist within the same company(attribute of single items)
  • They can change from a plant to another(associated with management data)
  • The applicability can change with time (automatic system adapting data to new typology)


Planning parameters

  • Lead time
  • Reorder Batch
  • Safety stock
  • Average Consumption

can be entered or automatically calculated by the system

In order to obtain an automatic adaptation to changing demand, reorder batchs and stocks can be expressed in :

  • Quantity
  • Consumption days
  • Safety stocks
  • Days of need (only batches)


Jit is more a way of thinking than an actual technique and it’s based on the idea of making the material arrive when it is needed and not in advance, which is something costing more and being negative for production.

Si5 responds with several features from a punctual scheduling with MRP to short-time pick-up scheduling, in order to favour urgent parts and mostly open order management. 

It presents a nonexistent inertia and it is aable to respond promptly  to sudden and unexepcted variations of demand. Managing open orders also requires a different way of confronting with the suppliers by achieving comakership relationships.

Logical Flow of material planning