A client reports a defect in one of the components of our finished product …rintracciabilita

Identification, in a component, of the defect which could be dangerous for the safety and functioning of the product inn which the part is used…

…The process of Traceability is set up, when a whole is considered defective, dangerous and not suitable …

To answer to the following questions :

Where is/are a specific component or several components belonging to a specific whole been used?

Which parts of the whole is a whole or a finished product made of?



Traceability Tools

The unit enables the identification of the finished product, in stock or sold, depending on the batch of a single component used in it. Traceability covers the whole production process and can find all components at any level of BOM (Bill of Materials) and when it is requiered, through serial number details of the single component.

Question the system to get the right answer at the right moment.



  • By knowing a single part, it can show all lots associated to it


Progressive Esploxion Traceability

  • By knowing a lot in a specific part, it explodes the whole “traceability structure” of it and disaplays the lots which are used by all components


Progressive Implosion Traceability

  • By knowing a specific part, it highlights the lots of all parts which are reported in the progressive impolosion of its structure


Intercorporate Movements

The use of functions which are consecrated to stock movements in operation units managed by Si5 systems enables a complete process automation and their complete traceability. Shipments of an unit become guided receptions for the receiver and all the relative documents are carried out in sync, including the documents identifying the batches. These functions are available both in the multicorporate configuration and in the multi-plant one, which means in those conditions where a single company is divided into different production units.