Management of clients’ orders enable to adapt to all different demands thanks to availability of different process typologies:

  • closed orders, for the treatment of prompt demands and in order to satisfy non-recurrent suppliers,
  • open orders, for the management of a sale software with the aim of identifying in a general way sold wares and the related conditions, but it refers to the delivery software for quality and shipment data.

Clients’ orders make it possible to manage different conditions by dealing with different quantities ( both forecasting and executive), absence of charge, shipment with subdeliveries, discounts/ increase and erosion of forecast orders.

Sale offers can be automatically turned into orders. The configuration module of the product gives the possibility to generate, when uploading orders, master files, structures and cycles of set up products. In the supposition of managing blanket orders, it is possible to display and modify information referring to delivery softwares by allowing real-time update with shipment transaction.

The sales area is integrated with production and logistics areas in order to provide the automatic generation of production plans from clients’ orders and in function to both security stocks and the situation in warehouses.

Sale extimation can be processed starting with historical trend of sales, it is possible to display the avarage of sales, over a period the user can define, parametrically aggregated : client, market, agent, area, family etc. It is possible to manage sale schedule through a front-end warehouse, which means a warehouse supplying the client, by whom it’s dislocated. In case of front-end warehouse, a double schedule is generated : one supplying the client of the front-end warehouse and the other replenishing the front-end warehouse. Triangulation, which means deliverying sale schedules directly to suppliers, is required. Suppliers send the client materials in behalf of the supplier responsible for the sale. Receiving the shipping note(Aviexp), he then invoices.

Sale statistics

The ability of analysing data, according to its own specific reading aims, is one of the objectives of Si5 integrated function fo sale analysis. The necessity of companies to constantly know all business information is satisfied by Si5 ability to elaborate customized sale statistics, with paramentric and reportable details according to the characteristics of the product, client etc. Sale statistics are one of the areas with the greatest integration with business intelligence functions which develop from data mart ( expressly created parametrically).