Management for fiche

Management per lot-tag, essential for materials which must be traced or are expiring, is also useful for stock handling ( per unit of packaging). By operating per lot-tag, it’s not necessary to identify the handled material and its quantity, but it’s sufficient to key on the lot-tag number or read barcode representing the lot-tag number.

Management per lot-tag is set up when the identification has a “pick-up typology” requiring management per lot-tag and when it’s handled in a warehouse needing this type of management. If one of the two conditions are missing, management gives out.

Per lot-tag means :

  • A label matching the material
  • a collection of information contained in the related file

Lot-tag are generated by all warehouse functions creating, directly or indirectly, a balance such as :

  • entries by the supplier
  • entries by the client
  • declaration of test
  • declaration of production
  • transfers within warehouses
  • positive inventory adjustments


A “document” which is at the same time :

  • univocal information managed in an appropriate file of Si5.
  • a paper document associated with the material and through which it’s made the whole handling.
    • EASIER Material handlings in warehouse
    • Enables to manage Traceability
    • Enables to manage expiring materials


Be able to read Fiches


The fiche Fiche p has got an own univocal identification element which is made of:

  • Types of fiche
  • Progressive Number in the Fiche


In the paper document the number of fiches is reported other than in literal form, as in Barcodes, used for material handlings.

  • Plant
  • Number of the Fiche
  • Condition of the Fiche
  • Identificaton
  • Expected Quantity
  • Entered Quantity
  • Current Quantity
  • Stock
  • Lot – Type of Lot – Location
  • Batch
  • Container Code
  • Work orders
  • Supplier
  • purchase item order
  • Client
  • client item order
  • Ex type and number of Fiche
  • Bill
  • Expiring Date


Management of barcodes flow

The unit enables generation and printouts of labels and barcodes. The whole material flow, from check-in to good booked-into stock, to picking up, to production payments and shipments, is followed in automatic through barcode read.

The unit make easier to manage traceability of materials through batch labels (lot-tag), by supporting, for necessary transactions, different hardware tools, from optic pens to laser guns charging and discharging (batch), to the most innovative tools in radiofrequency.