Through a correct and prompt collection of all different employments of labour it’s possible to estimate hours of work and productive hours, technical and organization losses, the main indexes of managament by processing a periodic report concerning labour. The system can operate in an integrated way with the management of presences and interfaces with field surveys is available.

Field Data collection can be carried out by using both terminal videos, and terminals deployed in departments for barcodes and badges reading.

In SI5 Â there are three different versions of the procedure called “LABOUR” :

traditional labour particularly appropriate for lot orders
“quick” labour more appropriate for blanket orders and order planning
choosing where to go, charting the route and undertaking a voyage sometimes aren’t enough to reach the destination

A good captain is conscious of the importance of controlling, and if necessary rectifying the course of its boat when navigating.

…as for workforce :

  • supervising progress status
  • filing for future use actions which were achieved to compare budget and final balance
  • identifying and quantifying losses