Supply management in Si5 has the aim to enable the company to deal with the acquisition of external resources, by reaching the best result, not only in terms of prices but also of both supply quality and service. Thus, purchasing traditional functions are integrated by the most innovative tools, which allow to carry out negotiations.

Subsystem integration with ERP flows enables the availability of input information coming fron planning procedures and treatment of all other purchasing demands. Tools for requirements of purchase and supply help to outline and manage needs and to identify the optimal supplier for closing orders. In managing purchases for production, the system provide with processing of opening orders and delivery schedules in order to enable process complete integration within the supply chain. All processings undergo the authorization form and signature levels that the firm defines through work flow parametrizations.

Functions of control and quality allow to estimate service level and supplier reliability to define rating which need to be considered for following supplying choices.

To know operating needs, supplies receive inputs from planning and to have medium-and long term visibility, they receive inputs from budget processes with the ability to assign purchases to assigned suppliers. In daily management, budget reference enables to verify trends concerning purchases and expenses, including expenses for investments.

Complete integration of supplying processes with EDI protocols and with supplier portal enables direct contact amongst SIAMCG. It’s the administrative and financial procedure oriented to modern and complete corporate management, other than fulfilment of all fiscal obligations.

Organized in a modular structure based on an articulated table system, it is able to adapt to all different corporate realities, by providing at the same time a reference to optimize organizational flows.

Its functions cover needs of both corporate data analysis and control, through simulation option and balance reclassification, advanced management of treasury with integration to remote banking systems, fiscal and management analysis of fixed assets and a conmplete management of analytic accounting.

The system integrates and gathers automatically information from all corporate areas managed by Si5, and allows generation and budget management of receipts and expenses, analyisis of variances and their main causes.

The accurate and costant monitoring of receipts and costs, other than the verification of their variance, allows to intervene efficiently on variance causes, thus providing a valid tool of corporate control and management.

An actual control panel providing promptly and accurately all information on corporate performance.


The aim of the supplying process is to guarantee the availability of necessary resources both to production and corporate functioning for better economic and operation conditions.

The use of Si5 allows to get this advantages:

Integration of the purchasing process with all need sources and with budget form control.
Greatest attention to synchronized satisfaction of production needs in order to guarantee the service level to the Client.
Thanks to automations and integrations with EDI and portal to reduce workload and errors in managing the relationship with the supplier.
Possibility of monetary/nonmonetary evaluation of suppliers for conscious choices.
Control of purchasing transaction conformity at the hands of corporate policies and authorization prerogative of each player.
Continuous confrontation and control with approved budgets.